Unique wedding venues in Sri Lanka

Unique Wedding Venue in Sri Lanka

The most important day of your life has to be memorable for the right reasons. Not only will it be immortalised in pictures, but it will be remembered forever by you and others. Choosing a wedding venue that hits all the right notes is not so easy. While many opt for traditional locations like luxury hotels and beaches, some want something that is unique and intimate. So what if you could sail along water upon a luxury cruise boat that ideally accommodates a wedding reception matched with great food? The largest sailing restaurant in Sri Lanka, Garton’s Ark is available for exclusive bookings as a wedding venue in Sri Lanka. Not only is it designed for luxury dining but also for elegant receptions, parties and conferences.

You can make it your very own wedding vessel with a choice of a first class menu, entertainment and theme, with help from the staff. The cutting edge and eco-friendly design of the interior and exterior of the boat brings the luxury of a hotel to the pleasant outdoors. The lower deck is spacious, fully air conditioned and accommodates up to 64 persons. Its bright and sophisticated interior designs provide elegant photo ops. The spacious open upper deck is ideal for serving cocktails and drinks as guests enjoy the panoramic views of the lake and surroundings. Over the lotus adorned Diyawanna Oya it makes its journey, cruising along natural habitats of birds. The boat is manned by trained professional staff that has been trained for life-saving and fire fighting, while the boat is equipped with safety devices and equipment. All food and beverages on board in regard to preparation, storage and service is done as per Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations. Garton’s Ark is safe as houses during day and night.

Not only will the guests receive a world-class dining experience, they will also get to be a part of a wonderful literal journey as you begin your very own metaphorical one. So, turn Garton’s Ark into one unique wedding venue and remember it for the rest of your life, as the best day of your life.

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