Family Restaurant in Sri Lanka

Families love unique suggestions!   The most adventurous families have enough tales of land adventures to delight their audiences any time.  Still, chilling out on land and chilling out on the river with family and friends are two entirely different experiences.  A river cruise as a touristic experience cannot compare to a family day out in a floating restaurant, enjoying the coolness of the colourful, natural tropical environment whilst anticipating the next step – a fine meal.

Sri Lanka has a proliferation of family dining options, be it fine dining or the ubiquitous fast food outlet.  It is safe to say every town and every street holds places where one could get special dishes of different ethnicities at reasonable cost and this has created a fad for at least one meal of the day on a dine-out basis.  Well known to any Sri Lankan palate is the famous kotthu rotti, a creation that has found its way from open street food outlets to fine restaurants where the main difference would only be the ambience.  A very few restaurants in the city could offer an authentic thosai meal.  Another popular  dine -out option for Sri Lankans is  the pizza, not a dish that is on a normal Sri Lankan menu but one that has become a fad food especially with youngsters.

Since unique dining out experiences are not common in Sri Lanka, how would a family react at being asked of the possibility of dining, say, on the river?   There is bound to be quite a few exclamations of delight, for   this is a concept set to redefine the characteristic impression of dining out.

Floating restaurants give its guests an experience of a different kind, where there is plenty of scope for family relaxation or spending group time, especially catching up on long neglected friendships in an out of the ordinary ambience!  With plenty of relaxation time on board, such cruises provide tours around selected waterways with a selection of local and international food and drinks served at affordable prices.

What’s the food like on a floating restaurant might be a question in your mind. Will it be seafood – for after all, what could be more natural than an emphasis on seafood if you are based on water?  Depending on the theme of the restaurant and its location, there are plenty of surprises in store for guests.  At Garton’s Ark, the buffets gets a double thumbs- up for both roasted meats and seafood. There is also an awesome, quirky calypso band that serves some pretty chilled out renditions of ever popular songs.  The ark provides a very special experience for family events such as birthdays and special occasions. A peek at the birthday party menus and cocktail menus may be suggested.  For a dine-out experience of a different sort, there’s always Garton’s Ark.

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