Dining out takes an exciting new dimension at Garton’s Ark!

Dining Out in Sri Lanka

LET’S EAT OUT TONITE……! Have you said this recently?  It’s no longer a Friday night statement.  We all love eating out. What better way to maintain a healthy network of friends, spend family time or start a romance in an excellent ambience with great food.  It also provides opportunities for those who love discussing the fine arts, book discussions or to improve business contacts. If this is not enough, the Mayo Clinic has confirmed that eating a varied diet is the best way to provide your body with essential nutrients and vitamins. Who needs more reasons!

Eating out in Sri Lanka was unknown a few decades ago.  Food outlets were few, with a sprinkling of eating houses dotting towns and cities, serving local food prepared by lightly clad male cooks in an atmosphere of noise and the clatter of pans.  Ambience and settings were restricted to a few large city hotels patronized by the upper middle class. With the advent of tourism in Sri Lanka in the mid 70’s there suddenly sprung a proliferation of eating houses dotting the coastline, most of them serving local versions of continental food, fresh seafood and watered down versions of the local fare.  Eating out picked up rapidly, with more and more locals feeling the pull of variety, for after all, isn’t variety the spice of life!?

Colombo today is a foodies paradise, with an abundance of places serving cuisine from around the globe, with a variety to choose from whether at the big hotels, exotic sounding restaurants, cafes and  coffee shops, fusion food, Sri Lankan food, seafood, pubs, nightclubs and hawker street eateries –  a mix of laughter, tinkling glasses and amazing aromas. Eating houses with exotic names offer everything from ultra luxury, to quiet rustic comfort to leisurely afternoon lunches in garden atmospheres. It’s your pick.

Surrounded by food for every taste, Sri Lankans still dote on their rice and curry, with dishes ranging from mild with subtle flavours to the hot and spicy.   An intriguing part of the local cuisine its heritage of traces of Portuguese, Dutch, British, India and Malaysia. With cuisine ranging from the mild with subtle flavours to the hot and spicy, Sri Lankan fare is not a journey to be taken lightly.

In the midst of all this variety is GARTON’S ARK, a fully fledged ark that would have sent Noah into raptures. Glittering on the outside and with luxurious interiors, this is an excellent place for groups, families, and the romantic minded.  The Ark winds its way five miles down tranquil waters of the Diyawanna Oya providing diners with a spectacular view of the Urban Wetland Park in Nawala whilst gourmet meals are served.  The dinner buffets have received many great reviews, tempting the eyes before the taste buds give their encores. Garton’s Ark friendly service extends to arranging special events that would leave your guests in awe. There is no doubt that a dining experience at Garton’s Ark cannot be replicated anywhere in Sri Lanka.

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