Ark’ing your way to pure relaxation

Garton's Ark Sailing Restaurant

It is possibly safe to say that cruising down a winding river on Garton’s Ark would translate to a pure, unfettered relaxing experience that would elusive elsewhere! Water has always been a therapy for the human body and brain, and considering our bodies hold 50% – 65% water, its no wonder we have an affinity for water.  Given a chance, we would never stop ourselves from a good splash if not in the mighty ocean or a tame pool, a soak under a waterfall or at least in our showers!   This is not for kids only, but perhaps an untold adult secret though we may dispense with the splashing and squealing.

Water is nature’s natural healer bringing calm to the stressed mind and body. Which adult can truthfully say they are not stressed??  Not only that, it has special powers in getting rid of stress and rejuvenating our bodies when it touches our skins and playing on our muscles. Water calms the lungs, heart, stomach and endocrine system by its effect on nerve reflexes of the spinal cord. Being in moving waters boosts the blood circulation and releases tight muscles. Ever felt weightless when submerged in water and wondered why? That’s the pull of gravity over which your body is relieved when you enter water.

But what of its effects on the eyes? If you have ever been on a river cruise on Garton’s Ark, you would never dismiss the amazing effects of water on your wellbeing.  Researchers are now finding that “blue space” which means water bodies such as the sea, lakes, rivers and even urban water features have a positive impact on our wellbeing. When shown images of green spaces, people were soothed, but when green spaces were teamed with water in urban scenes, from canals running through cities or fountains in city areas, it was found that people were greatly soothed.

Garton’s Ark has understood the deeply profound effects of water on humans. Once on the Ark, it is only natural to feel a drop in stress when viewing the vistas of the placid winding lake, the greenery of every shade on the river borders and birds overhead at close range swooping down and disappearing into the thick growth on the river banks. The feeling of peace with the world is compounded by a visit to the dining area, where a splendid array of the most Wholesome food at Garton’s Ark cooked to perfection by cuisine artistes pamper the senses even more. You may probably wish to live on the Ark…..!

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